East meets West began from a combination of the owners travels around the world, 10 years of metalsmithing experience, and experience running a brick and mortar for 6 years. Each item is considered for it's craft quality, design, and personal poetry. The owner builds relationships with extremely skilled artisans and small businesses that exhibit an excellence in craft and capability in collaborating to tailor products to the vision of the brand. The jewelry designer owner has a hand in inspecting, perfecting, adjusting, and finishing almost every product.

For 8 years we have been available for in person shopping in Cincinnati's OTR neighborhood. We are set up every Saturday and Sunday April through December at Findlay Market. The owner is very comfortable making purchase recommendations - it is practically a sixth sense. Do not feel hesitant to ask her for help.

East meets West prioritizes ethical sourcing and supports Fair Trade practices. We work to empower artisans in Nepal, Thailand, Bali, India, Turkey, Morroco and beyond.

We are proud to bring you the best of what we have discovered, and the best of what we have created from the union of East meets West.